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Understand your finances so you can make good decisions during and after your divorce.

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Getting divorced is overwhelming. It’s emotional, time consuming and can be financially draining. You have a home, kids and investments to consider. Where do you even start to get the information you need?

You feel in over your head and lack the knowledge to plan for your future. Settling for less and risking feeling resentful in the future might seem like the best solution -- especially when you don’t have the energy for confrontation.

Whatever your circumstances, you deserve a clear picture of your financial situation and a fair settlement.

Lawyers are expensive and don’t understand finances. What you need is someone in your corner who will look out for you. Someone who understands money, tax laws and budgets.

I will arm you with knowledge so you can confidently negotiate the separation of your assets.

Feel empowered and confident as you work through the details.

As a financial advisor specializing in divorce and separation, I can help you make financially sound decisions. You will save money, create a financial plan and learn how to manage your own finances. All of these will enable you to continue working towards your vision for your life.

Learn how I can help you. Your financial future depends on it.

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